Men’s 88 Weekend

October 13 - 16, 2022


Head Spiritual Director – Josh St.Clair
Spiritual Director – Ben Russell
Spiritual Director – Tim Judd
Rector – Jon Austin
Assistant Rector – Kevin Bittner
Liturgy Director – Mike Lancaster
Head Song Leader – Rick Poelhuis
Song Leader – Brian Moore
Head Stew – Aaron Taylor
Stew – Jim Barrow
Stew – Jeff Boyd
Head Cook – Tony Metcalf
Cook – Stan Schmuck
Cook – Adam McCaslin
Cook – Bruce Tippett
Head Warden – Mike Peak
Warden – Shannon Fisher
Warden – Joe Baker
Palanca Chair – Bob Yeager
Mentor – Mike Halbig
Weekend Helper – Chris McCormick
Ideal – George McCool
The Church – Josh Welborn
Piety – Steve Simmons
Study – Garth Hayes
Action – Joe Patterson
Leaders – Darren Smelser
Environments – Glenn Pace
CCIA – Todd Kuester

Weekend Information

Drop off Thursday between 5:45 PM & 6:00 PM
Saturday Service at 8:15 PM
Sunday Closing at 3:00 PM

Talk Help Day

Saturday, September 24th
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
St. Matthews Church
3007 1st Avenue (north of Diamond)
Evansville, IN


Jim Alvey
David Barnes
Dom Dominick
Phil Hillard
Herb Langner
Sean McMichael
Rob Varner
Donnie Wilson

PRAYER – Prayer Vigil

Kevin Bittner

Snack Table, Table Palanca, Serve a meal

Mike Peak

Food Palanca

Tony Metcalf

Palanca – Notes of your sacrifice

Bob Yeager