Participants are sponsored by someone who has already attended a Tres Dias (or similar) weekend. Your sponsor helps you prepare for the weekend, supports you and your family during the weekend, and helps you get the most benefit after the weekend. Equally important, your sponsor will be holding you up in prayer during the entire process. You can ask a friend who has attended Tres Dias to be your sponsor and to get you an application.

How much does it cost?

The weekend does have a cost of $150 for each person. Sometimes this cost is paid by your sponsor and other times by the candidate. There is also prorated scholarship money available. Some scholarship money is contributed by candidates who have had their weekends paid by generous sponsors who wish to “pay it forward” so that more men and women can attend future weekends. You may choose to do this as well.


Sponsor’s and Candidate’s Applications

Candidates for an upcoming weekend must be sponsored by someone who has previously made a weekend and who is currently grouping. Prospective sponsors should read the Sponsorship Guidelines (revised 03/02/2021) prior to initiating a conversation with a prospective candidate. Completed applications must be received by the Friday prior to the start of the weekend. The respective applications may be read and downloaded here:

Tres Dias Application and Guidelines Bundle



Send inquiries or questions to the Weekend Applications Person listed on the Contact Us page. 

Send the completed forms to:
TSTD c/o Aaron & Karen Taylor, 5800 #6 School Rd, Evansville, IN  47720  or email at tristatetresdiasapps@gmail.com